Dear Members

This Statement is from your guide team and it’s a brief introduction and some information about festival:

First of all we warmly welcome your participation in the ninth international Harkat festival and we hope to have good time together.

We are subcategory of international Harkat festival Administration Department and our team divisions are written on guide team

  • You must bring your country’s desktop Flag

Please send us following information through an email until 20th September:

  1. A personal picture of yourself
  2. A photo of invention
  3. Physical size of invention (Its necessary for placement and choosing the right booth)

If you didn’t have receive an email from the international section please let us know because the email contains
a primary schedule of festival events (the main schedule will be given to you during days ahead) and picture of
festival booth placement (numbers 68 & 69 are international section’s booths) attached within.

We will be pleased to be in touch with you for more coordination and if there is any questions about every issues.

Our communication way is trough Telegram application and also email.

The Administration of guide team information is written below

  • Sajad Abarham:

Phone number: +989215350239


We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Guide team

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